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    Why employers should care about value-based care

    With so many things vying for your attention, value-based care may seem like a topic that can wait or isn’t relevant to your business. But, as an organization committed to providing healthcare benefits to your employees, it's important to understand value-based care and its impacts.
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    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Onduo and Verily

    To advance on health equity, you need DEI embedded into the structure of your organization and the solutions you offer. Onduo and Verily strive to embed principles of employee belonging, a diverse workplace and inclusive products and services into the fabric of our culture.

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    How Virtual Care Can Address Social Determinants of Health by Expanding Access and Personalization

    Solving for population health challenges at a macro level starts on a smaller scale in our communities, schools, and environment. If we expand our understanding of health — and measure it — Onduo can contextualize and personalize the care we deliver.

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    Virtual care and medication optimization: A pathway to overcoming clinical inertia and gaps in care

    Virtual care programs with live and asynchronous communications between a provider and a patient can help create an efficient path for proper medication usage. Read this blog to learn more about our recent study around medication optimization.

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    Net Promoter Score: What is it and why is it important to consider when shopping for a new vendor

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used formula for calculating customer satisfaction. As a health plan, employer, or broker, do you understand the value of partnering with a vendor that has a strong NPS? Read this blog to find out.

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    Tracing Patient Centricity—From HIMSS to HLTH: Key trends changing the way we manage chronic disease

    “It’s not just digital technology for those that HAVE. It’s digital technology that’s meant to lift all.”—Vindell Washington, MD, CEO of Onduo
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    Steps for HR and Benefits Professionals to Achieve Resilience in the Workplace

    No matter your role in HR, whether as an HR business partner, talent manager, or benefits director, your employees are your customers. Providing the right suite of products and services can make or break a job for someone, improve retention, or attract the right candidate.

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    A Look Inside Onduo's Value-Led Approach to Pricing

    “With Onduo, you have one vendor contract to cover multiple disease states and populations. It’s just easier to work with Onduo.” — Craig Hankins, Head of Growth Strategy and Sales Operations at Onduo
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    What Employers Should Consider When Adding Healthcare Technology Vendors to Their Benefits Offerings

    “Today’s health consumer won’t accept a 'one-size-fits-all' solution anymore, and neither should we. We need solutions that integrate the needs of consumers, providers, payers, and employers.”— Dr. Vindell Washington, CEO of Onduo
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