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Redefining Care Delivery: The Use of CGMs for Type 2 Diabetes

Learn how the newest care delivery options can help
you better serve the type 2 diabetes population

Onduo's Virtual Care Model: CGM Spotlight

If you're in the business of supporting the type 2 diabetes population, you know this condition is one of the leading drivers of healthcare costs, lost productivity, and death in the U.S. Companies that can provide more personalized care solutions, instead of one-size-fits-all, are starting to see lasting and sustainable health and business outcomes.

In this report you'll learn:

- Why the intermittent use of continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM) is beneficial to personalizing care

- How a virtual care model that leverages data from these sensors can help you match people with the right level of care

- What positive effects CGM-enabled care is having on glycemic control, diabetes distress, and time-in-range

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