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Together with Fitbit

Onduo's Fitbit Wellness Program is designed to help your employees engage with Onduo, improve their well-being, and develop healthier habits.

Employees of participating employers1 can earn their Fitbit device by completing a set of milestones such as monitoring their blood pressure, logging their mood, or tracking their activity, to help them build routines that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

What's included?

  • Fitbit Inspire 2TM—Members who complete their milestones are eligible to receive a free Fitbit Inspire2TM or can apply the cost to an upgraded Fitbit device.

  • Fitbit PremiumTM health and wellbeing membership —One year Fitbit Premium membership that provides access to personalized insights, wellness reports, games, sleep analytics, and more.

  • Onduo Mobile App—We meet your employees where they are, tailoring their care program to support Diabetes, Diabetes Prevention2, Hypertension, and weight loss.

A solution designed with your employees' unique needs in mind*

Role: Controlling her hypertension
Role: Managing his diabetes
Role: Following her weight
Role: Preventing complications

Empowering early employee adoption and utilization

Enrollment that works

We provide dynamic, multi-channel touchpoints that excite, attract, and encourage employees to enroll and stay engaged.

Habit forming activities

Members get access to a wide range of Onduo activities to help them on their journey and stay healthy.

Resources for everyone

Members receive a welcome kit that includes condition-specific equipment and resources to get them started.

We'd love to tell you more about how Onduo can make a lasting impact on the lives of your employees.

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