Imagine what would happen if your employees absolutely loved using your diabetes solution

Easy-access, specialized care. Personalized insights. And advanced tools your employees actually use

Members give Onduo an NPS score of 78

It’s time to solve uncontrolled diabetes. Our members think we have the solutions. In fact, they give us an NPS score of 78--that’s higher than Netflix’s. What does Onduo do that’s different?

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  • Personalized Insights Data and analytics maximize participation and optimize outcomes by understanding where your employees are right now, and what to do next.
  • Access to the right care, at the right level The support of coaches, the guidance of clinical diabetes educators, the expertise of endocrinologist- all in one platform, and coordinated with your employees' primary care
  • Next-gen tools + data-driven insights We partner with organizations that help us provide breakthrough technologies that enable personalized care with proven health outcomes. And it shows. High-risk members see an average A1c drop of 2,07

Be your employees champion

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