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The future of diabetes is now.

Onduo's goal is to help payors find the sweet spot—better care for all members at a lower cost for everyone. With just a handful of office visits per year and an unmanaged ecosystem of devices and information, many people living with diabetes aren't making consistent, quality diabetes care a regular part of their lives.

Plus, decreasing access to and long wait times for specialty care—especially endocrinologists—is increasingly common. To bridge this gap in care, Onduo has created a comprehensive, expert-led solution. We can help remotely support members with our Virtual Diabetes Clinic, where individuals who require frequent support—but not in-person care—can access high-quality, evidence-based support.

Onduo offers value-based contracts with the goal of improving type 2 diabetes outcomes at a population scale.

Helping employees live healthier, more productive lives.

Onduo not only helps employees with diabetes get and stay healthier, but can increase the care and support they receive in managing their condition. We use state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based support to improve access to quality care.

Onduo simplifies access to the resources employees with diabetes need to successfully manage their health, including one-on-one coaching, state-of-the-art devices, education, access to specialists, data-driven health insights, and more.

Improving patient care between office visits.

Onduo's Virtual Diabetes Clinic gives patients access to specialized care, personalized recommendations and guidance. Our goal is to help patients make leaps between their appointments, so they can quickly reach and sustain their health goals.

Onduo multiplies the diabetes resources primary care physicians can offer with our team of expert CDEs, nutritionists, pharmacists and more. Using evidence-based tools and strategies, we provide the resources patients need to stay on track between visits. Plus, through Onduo's insights, education and support we help make office visits really count.

Onduo aims to makes people's lives easier—and helps primary care physicians provide the highest-quality care possible. Let us help you achieve better patient outcomes.

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Greater than the sum of our parts.

To further our mission, we partner with organizations that help us provide breakthrough technologies and expanded service to our members. As we grow, we'll continue to work with companies with proven track records of improving health outcomes.


Onduo's Virtual Diabetes Clinic provides:

Personalized 1:1 support

Members can access Onduo care leads and specialists* right from their smartphones to get the support they need for lasting change.

Virtual access

Onduo's program is available to members anytime, anywhere.

Diabetes expertise

Onduo care leads connect members with CDEs, nutritionists, pharmacists and other experts to empower better diabetes self-management.

Smart hardware

Onduo members use CGMs and BGMs to educate and better inform self-care decisions.

* Clinical services for Onduo LLC are provided by Onduo Professionals, P.C., an independent company.

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