Onduo is dedicated to making “healthy” easier, more accessible, and personalized.

Getting to “healthy” is a journey.

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Onduo’s journey has led us to a whole-person, multi-condition virtual care model.

Find out how today Onduo is delivering on its promise to make getting healthy and staying healthy easier.

  1. Foundation

    A bold idea

    Onduo, a Verily company (formerly Google Life Sciences), was founded initially to support individuals living with type 2 diabetes and has now expanded to multi-condition care. Onduo uses data analytics, behavioral science, and caring professionals to empower participants to manage their health between doctors' visits.

  2. Personalization

    Deliver the right care to the right person at the right time

    The cornerstone of Onduo’s differentiated capabilities is the ability to securely and rapidly evaluate multi-sourced data streams to understand the unique profiles of each individual, or their “digital phenotype.” This enables Onduo to pinpoint what information and interventions the participant needs to take control of their health.

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    Using novel devices boosts self-care

    The Onduo program uses devices to help members understand and gain insights into their care. For instance, high-risk Onduo members with diabetes with a baseline A1C>9% who used a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system along with the Onduo program demonstrated a 3.3% reduction in A1C.1

  4. Compassion

    The human touch

    The key to Onduo's whole-person care model is the care team that helps manage a member's condition between primary care visits, including care leads, educators, pharmacists, and physicians who provide members with the coaching, guidance, and support to make life-lasting healthcare changes. When needed, members can access specialists through telemedicine—it's all part of the Onduo program.

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    Multi-condition virtual care platform with Spanish

    Onduo continues to push forward to help individuals control even more chronic conditions, by expanding its care model to hypertension, weight loss, prediabetes and mental wellness. Spanish speakers can access the Onduo app in Spanish and are assigned multilingual coaches. We strive to improve health, lower the cost of care, and help your members and employees live their best healthy lives.

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    The next generation of virtual care

    In March 2021, Onduo and Verily announced a multi-year partnership with Highmark Health to help develop the Highmark Health Living Health model which features expanded Onduo access and new condition support. We are excited to add new payers, providers and employers and expand to more populations on the journey to healthy.

Join us on our journey to make healthy easy. Download our overview: Seeing the Whole Patient With Digital Phenotyping.

1Layne JE et al. Diabetes 2020 Jun; 69 (S1)