Virtual care that meets the needs of your members

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Onduo supports commercial, Medicare Advantage, and federal employee populations.

Configurable solutions to meet your need for scale today—and tomorrow

Our care-as-a-service approach supports delivery and configuration at scale, so we can meet your members where they are today and evolve with them - and your plan - over time.

Onduo offers an easy-to-use mobile app with connected devices (and unlimited refills on related supplies), 1:1 coaching, and telemedicine access to board-certified clinicians in the continental United States (when clinically indicated).

  1. Coordinates with your members’ primary care providers
  2. Complements your other clinical care programs and tech stack
  3. Co-branded welcome experience for a look and feel that aligns with your plan’s brand
  4. Flexible value-based pricing, claims-based billing, and performance guarantees
  5. All-in-one model that includes tools and resources that work best for your business and your members
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An engaging member experience

  • Individuals aged 60-69 are 50% more likely to enroll with
    Onduo (compared to other age groups).1

  • Onduo's net promoter score (NPS) is 78, and 88 for people who use a CGM with the Onduo program — higher than many of the brands your members use and enjoy daily.2

  • 72% of members remain engaged after 6 months.3

  • 49% of members remain engaged after 1 year.3

And a highly satisfying experience for your team

With one point of contact and an easy onboarding experience, we
strive to build a meaningful relationship with your team from day one.

Clinically proven results and a meaningful impact on seniors

  • Our high-risk diabetes cohort (baseline A1C>9.0%) reported a 2.3% reduction in A1C.4

  • Onduo members aged 65+ with baseline A1C >8.0% reduce their blood glucose faster than a comparable group of Medicare-eligible retirees with employer-sponsored Medicare Supplemental plans.5

  • In our hypertension program, members saw a 13 mmHg average reduction in systolic blood pressure.6 80% reported feeling more in control of their condition.6

  • Members in our weight loss program who lost weight saw an average loss of 17 pounds, or 8% of their total weight.7

Offering multi-condition, whole person support

Type 1 & 2 diabetes

Digital care solution, education, and support for type 1 and 2 diabetes.

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High blood pressure

Manage and control blood pressure by building healthy habits and behaviors to help reduce the risk of future health problems.

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Weight loss, diabetes prevention*, and nutrition therapy

Putting an end to the "one size fits all" approach to help individuals achieve and maintain their goals.

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Mental and behavioral health

Understand the impact of symptoms on daily living through evidence-based interventions, resources, and reflection exercises.

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We'd love to tell you more about how Onduo can make a lasting impact on the lives of your members

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We're led by the best in the field

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Backed by Verily Life Sciences and Alphabet, we have healthcare and product experts on hand who never settle for less than extraordinary. We want the best for you and your clients — and our human-first, empathetic care model delivers just that, while building unique relationships with every member.

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4 Dixon RF et a. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2020;14(5):908-911

5 Data on file. September 2021. Analysis compared Onduo population to a like-population from the MarketScan claims database, which includes inpatient and outpatient claims, outpatient prescription claims, clinical utilization records, and healthcare expenditures.

6 Based on enrollees with stage 2 hypertension who completed Onduo's pilot. Data on file, Dec 2020.

7 Internal Analysis. Data on file, Sept 2021. No individual result should be seen as typical; they are not guaranteed results. Individual weight loss results, amount, and time duration will vary.

*Onduo offers a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program through Good Measures that is intended to help individuals improve their health, lose weight, and prevent diabetes.