Help control your blood pressure from the comfort of your home

Onduo helps you make lasting changes so you can live healthy.

Onduo fits your routine

Through the Onduo app and Care Lead coaching, we provide you with guidance at home and on-the-go to help your journey to healthy be successful.

  • You need a feedback loop. You may not feel symptoms from high blood pressure which means that if you make positive changes, you may not feel or see any “results.” Onduo helps create a feedback system to show you how your changes over time can add up to life-changing results.

  • One appointment is not enough. Typical management of hypertension includes regular visits to your primary care doctor who checks your progress based on a blood pressure reading. With Onduo, you get ongoing coaching and support in between those visits and a way to check your progress over time.

  • Bridging the issues that may matter most. When you need more support, you can access telemedicine through the Onduo Virtual Clinic—helping address any questions you have about managing your condition or medication use.

Log, learn, and change. The Onduo program.

The changes add up.

  • 64 %

  • -16 mmHg

  • 80 %

References: Data on file, Dec 2020.

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