Type 2 Diabetes

It’s time to live the life you want.

We know that health happens at home. It involves the thousands of decisions we make everyday. For those living with chronic disease, it is challenging to access personalized, easy, user-friendly care. At Onduo, we give you a personalized experience tailored to everything that makes you, you.

Everything you need to personalize your health journey

Life-changing results at your fingertips

Your health should not only be addressed during a doctor's visit. We want to provide insights to patients and providers between the visits. It's those day-to-day decisions that make an impact on our wellbeing.

With Onduo you can learn more every day about how your condition(s) can be improved by positive and easy-to-make behavior change. Our science-backed program has already helped thousands of people.

Improving Diabetes

  • 92% of members with a baseline A1C over 9% have seen an improvement.1 Those same members saw their numbers go down by 2.3% on average1.

  • Members who originally reported high levels of condition-related distress have reported reductions.2 These are issues that impact daily living and disease management—so reductions may help you with your self-care.

  • Members are seeing an average weight loss of 9 pounds3.

Deep medical care powered by smart technology and human experts

With Onduo you get the tools and support to motivate and empower you to make the right decisions for your health. Our personalized lifestyle and medical interventions use the data and information you share with us, plus connected smart devices, best-in-class software, and access to specialty doctors that can help you along your journey.

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References: Dixon RF et a. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2020;14(5):908-911.)1 Polonsky WH et al. Clinical Diabetes 2020 Oct;38(4): (357-362)2 Majithia AR et al. J Med Internet Res 2020;22(8):e21778.3