The physician will see you now. At home.

Connect to our multidisciplinary team to get specialized and individualized care.

Meet The Clinical Team

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    Dr. Neeli Singh, MD

    Dr. Singh is a patient champion who brings her warmth, knowledge, and 10 years of expertise to the clinic. Throughout her career, she has worked on building innovative virtual care models to improve access to care.

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    Dr. David Erani, MD

    Dr. Erani is a leading diabetes expert, who has worked at world-class institutions. He's passionate about developing patient-centric guidelines to improve quality of care.

  • Denise Photo

    Dr. Denise MacKenzie
    Clinical Protocol Manager

    Dr. MacKenzie is a registered pharmacist and certified diabetes care and education specialist. She believes in patient-centered health care approaches and providing people with support to help them best manage their health goals.

PRESS RELEASE: Onduo extends virtual diabetes clinic and network of endocrinologists to continental U.S.

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Welcome to Our Clinic

Our program works because our people care.

  • Endocrinologists*

    Our endocrinologists understand every person is unique and we want you to get the right level of care.

    • We review your record and can be available to meet with you via video
    • We adjust or prescribe medications (if needed)
    • We can prescribe specialized devices like CGMs that can help you reach new levels of wellness
    • We will collaborate with your physician

    *Onduo's board-certified endocrinologists are fully licensed in 49 states and employed by Onduo Professionals P.C.

  • Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES)

    Our CDCESs are trained health professionals who have deep knowledge about every stage of diabetes. We’ve heard and nearly seen it all—and we can help. We're here to help address your unique lifestyle needs so you can achieve your individual goals.

  • Coaches and Specialists

    Stay on track and find balance with support from our team of coaches and care specialists. We offer simple substitutions and tips to help you eat the foods you love, meet your health goals, and stay motivated along the way.

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By The Numbers

Most people with Type 2 Diabetes see their PCP per year on average:


Estimated shortage of endocrinologists in the workforce


People who live 20+ miles from an endocrinologist

1 in 2

Frequency of CGM readings (prescribed for some via clinic)

Every 5 min

Onduo CGM wearers* who reported improvement in self care behaviors


Accessible across the United States